To provide clarity on how the BTSCON Code of Conduct (CoC) will apply and operate, in spirit and practice, during the 2022 meeting which will be held virtually on October 27-28.


  1. The current CoC reporting procedures are written assuming members of organizing team are present at the event for consultation and action. However, in a virtual context, this is not always the case. Therefore…
  2. Session leaders are granted authority to use their judgment to confront, warn, and/or remove participants who are being disruptive or otherwise potentially in violation of the CoC in their sessions without involving the Conference Organizers. In short, we believe it is important to empower session leaders to make on-the-fly decisions on how to best provide a harassment-free environment within their online conference sessions (e.g., dealing with “Zoom bombing” and other disruptive, offensive, aggressive, or otherwise unwanted behaviors). If session leaders are put in a position where they have removed a participant from a session, they should report it after the session using the procedures articulated in the CoC (“How to Make a Report”).
  3. Meeting registrants agree to adhere to the following forms of digital etiquette. We urge session leaders to explicitly inform participants about these at the start of their sessions, periodically remind participants, and include these on any written materials being co-created (e.g., at the top of working documents):
    • Do not share links to the Zoom session on social media or elsewhere. Only those who have registered for the conference should be able to join the session on Zoom.
    • Do not share collaborative working documents (e.g., google docs) on social media during the session. The participants in the session should agree on whether they want these materials shared on social media following the session.
    • Sessions will be recorded by session leaders with the consent of presenters and the notification of attendees. Recording and photographing of sessions by other attendees are not allowed unless all participants consent. This includes recording the audio/video of the session in Zoom (or with any other media-capturing software or device), as well as taking screenshots of the session.


These rules use language and concepts adapted from:

SIPS Online Conference Rules

Reporting Form

To report a violation of the Code of Conduct and/or Meeting Rules, please fill out this form or contact us directly.