We’re excited this year to launch our participation support bursary (also known as a microgrant)! We recognise that participation in online events can be challenging for people in different ways, and we’d like to remove these barriers as much as possible.

FAQ for BTSCon Participants: :

Q: What can I ask for?
A: Generally, we offer support in the form of one or more of the following:

  • Small hardware: Headset, microphone, webcam, ring lighting.
  • Internet: 1 month of high-speed internet
  • Diesel or other fuel for generators
  • Childcare costs for the duration of the event
  • Hotel or co-working space for the duration of the event.

OLS will administer the microgrants - for more information, see OLS’s microgrant policies: https://openlifesci.org/openseeds/cohort-procedures-and-templates/microgrants.html#microgrant-recommendations-and-tips

Q: Will I have to justify my request, write a blog, have an accepted session, or any other obligation from requesting a bursary?
A: No :) Our goal is to make this as pain-free as possible. If you want to write a blog, or submit a talk - please do so!

Q: I can’t afford to pay for X and get reimbursed. Can I still apply?
A: Please do! We offer three ways to get microgrants/bursaries:

  1. Share a purchase link and we’ll ship it to your house on your behalf.
  2. Purchase an item yourself, share a receipt, and we’ll reimburse you.
  3. Money up-front, if neither of the previous options work.

Q: Is there a $£€ limit to what I can ask for?
A: Generally no - we try not to quibble over reasonable requests, because we recognise that supply chains and fluctuating currencies make it hard to predict costs. The main exception: For a short conference, we’re unable to pay for more than one month of internet or for large items like a laptop, monitor, or phone. If you go for top-of-the-line items, we might ask for you to come back with a cheaper (but still decent quality) alternative.

How to request a bursary: Please email bigteamscienceconference@gmail.com with a rough budget and the items you need.

Information for sponsors

Q: How much can I donate, and what will it be used for?
A: Anything you offer can be helpful. We offer the following tiers (in USD) :

Sponsorship tier What this might support*
$1 to $99 Your name on the website as a bursary supporter. Your donations will be combined with other smaller donations to support individuals
$500 Bronze sponsor + Logo on the website - Small hardware and internet: Three headsets, two webcams, a month of internet, and the time to administer the bursaries
$1000 Silver sponsor + Logo on the website - All of the above, and childcare or hotel costs for 1-4 more participants
$3000 Gold sponsor + Logo on the website - Microgrant bursaries for around 15-20 people
$5000 Platinum sponsor + Logo on the website - Microgrant bursaries for around 25-30 people

To discuss a sponsoring donation, please email bigteamscienceconference@gmail.com.